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    Owner of Shein Design Inc., David Sheinkopf, has been a leader in the design industry for over ten years, specializing in interior design and the designing and building of custom furniture. His remarkable talents and uncompromising business ethics have earned him a substantial celebrity clientele and a prosperous business.

    Three years ago, he combined his design experience and passion for building with his love for wine, and shifted his focus towards designing, building and manufacturing wine cellars. His passion for precision and enthusiasm for craftsmanship quickly caught the attention of competitors and customers alike.

    At Shein Design, we possess the resources needed to offer competitive pricing and the design options of a larger company, while maintaining our commitment to high-quality products, attentive customer service and the personalization offered by smaller companies.

    Whether you desire a metal and glass enclosed cellar, a more traditional wood cellar, or even just the expertise of a designer, Shein Design will propose a variety of options for every budget and style. We offer you unbeatable service and will assist you in the creation of your dream cellar, from initial design conception to completion. As fellow wine lovers, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of bringing your vision to life. Cheers!

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